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I am Mark Rothman, a lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience and a business consultant with almost 10 of years of consulting experience. As a member of the Florida Bar since 1992, I have represented hundreds of businesses, of all shapes and sizes. From fledgling businesses to mature companies, I have worked with organizations in every phase of their business cycle. Additionally, I owned and operated my law firm for 20+ years, developing and implementing systems meant to improve firm efficiency, increase revenue, enhance the client experience, and strengthening our reputation in the community. Additionally, I managed a team of lawyers and support staff, balancing their unique personalities in promoting a “team” culture in the office.

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In 2015, I founded Orca Management Advisors to help small personal service companies increase revenue, using the same principles of organization efficiency and emotional intelligence upon which I relied in the success of my law firm. Streamlining organizational systems increase company-wide productivity, while emotional intelligence training improves the relationship between management and employees, promoting employee engagement and productivity, all of which, increase revenues.

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What sets me apart from other small business consultants? If you choose Orca Management Advisors, you get the benefit of the knowledge and skill I have acquired from my 30+ years of legal experience, 20+ years’ experience owning and operating my own law firm. and my nearly 10 years as a business consultant and Genos® Certified Emotional Trainer, the world leader in emotional intelligence programs.