Office Ergonomics and Productivity

office ergonomics

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Thoughtful Office Ergonomics can Explode Productivity

Inefficient workflow impacts productivity and revenue. Studies show that lawyers bill 2.5 hours/day, using the other time to complete administrative tasks.

Paying 40-hours per week for 30 hours of work

When was the last time you had a client on hold while everyone in the office was looking for their missing file?  This one activity, repeated over and over, is a drain on productivity and revenue.

Various studies have shown that nearly that nearly 20% of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively. Time wasted looking for files or documents is time lost providing value to a client.  It also erodes the bottom line. Consider the following.

Let’s say you have an employee, who is paid $50,000.00 a year.  In paying that salary, you presumably expect them to provide 40-hours of value each week.  However, by no fault of their own, they are only providing 30-hours of value, spending the other 10-hours searching for information to do their job.  The result yo you?  You are paying a $50,000.00 salary in return for $40,000.00 worth of value.  But it gets worse!

What if that same $50,000.00 employee bills clients for their time?  Assuming that same employee’s billable rate is $300.00 per hour, wasting 20% of each week searching for information to do their job, effectively reduces their hourly rate to $240.00. To make up the difference, requires that one employee to work an additional day per week, costing your firm, $15,000.00 in annual overtime pay, not to mention a disgruntled valued employee.  The alternative?  Doing nothing.  But that will cost your firm 20% of projected annual revenue.

Office Ergonomics

One of the most often overlooked aspects of workflow productivity is office ergonomics.  OSHA defines office ergonomics as “the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population.”

On average, office workers spend nearly 6 hours a day at their desk, compared to 7 hours a night, sleeping.  Notwithstanding, many workers neglect it. So how organized is your desk?  A cluttered desk is a breeding ground for inefficient workflow, gobbling-up files and documents. Simply tidying up your desk could greatly reduce the time wasted looking for information needed to do your work effectively, recouping some of that 20%.  Here are some tips for tidying up your desk.

  1. Create an efficient organizational filing system
  2. Keep only the day’s files on your desk
  3.  Consider your desk an assembly line, creating a logical workflow system
  4. Relocate picture frames and other personal accouttrements
  5. Keep office supplies away from the established workflow system

Implementing these simple solutions could add tens of thousands of dollars to annual revenue!

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