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At Orca Management Advisors, we provide strategic planning for improving time management by integrating new project management systems and applying the 80/20 rule to a company’s income streams.

Poor project management is one of the leading causes of poor time management.  So, how can you tell if your company suffers from poor project management and poor time management?

Consider the following list of symptoms.

  • Employees are forced to work overtime to complete projects
  • Mistakes are prevalent
  • Tasks are repeated
  • Clients repeatedly complain
  • Management is frustrated with employees
  • Employees are frustrated with management
  • Employees are unsure of what is expected from them
  • Deadlines are missed

For many companies, these symptoms are merely “business as usual”.  Organizational  complacency sets in and the organization accepts these symptoms as a workable business model.  But this is NOT a viable business model. If left unchecked, the company faces more problems.

time management
  1. Annual revenues decrease
  2. Mistakes are continually made
  3. There is a redundancy in efforts
  4. The quality of work product drops
  5. Client dissatisfaction increases
  6. Client acquisition and retention fall
  7. Employee morale sinks
  8. Employee productivity shrinks
  9. Employee absenteeism grows
  10. Employee turnover rises

Following World War II, Taiichi Ohno was charged with helping Toyota Motor Company build its automotive manufacturing business.  This was no easy task as money, workers, and raw materials were in limited supply.

Ohno recognized that to succeed in his task, he would need to piece together a system in which waste was greatly mitigated.  His efforts gave rise to the Toyota Production System (TPS),  a framework for conserving resources by eliminating waste.  In his 1998 article, Triumph of the Lean Production System, John D. Krafcik coined the term, Lean in essentially describing the work of Ohno.  Today, more than 50% of companies have integrated  Lean principles in striving for operational excellence.

Though initially applied to the manufacturing sector, since the early 2000’s, service-sector business have been applying its principles to deliver more value to more customers more quickly.

Throughput Rate

At Orca, we are dedicated to transforming every clients’ company, enabling them to deliver more value to more clients more quickly.  By identifying bottlenecks within the company’s workflow stream and implementing systems for unclogging these choke points, we improve company throughput rate, increase revenue, and create a singleness of purpose undertaken by a cohesive organization.