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At Orca Management Advisors, we provide operational solutions for fast-growing service based companies, allowing them to keep up with growing demands while preserving their place in the market.

So if your company is beyond the early struggles of client acquisition, but is now, instead struggling to stay ahead of increased productivity demands brought on by your ever-growing client base, Orca Management Advisors can help.

To secure its place in the market and continued client acquisition and retention, growing companies must meet the increased demands on productivity.  If not, revenues will drop, client acquisition and retention rates will sink, and its reputation will be tarnished. How can you tell whether your organization is struggling to keep up with demand?  Ask yourself the following questions (and be honest with yourself).

Are projects continually late? Are clients continually calling for updates?  Are employees continually behind in their work? Are mistakes prevalent? Are you missing deadlines?  Are fingers being pointed?  Are you frustrated?  These are all symptoms of poor workflow management, and an organization-wide inability to keep up with growing demand.

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Improving inefficient workflow management is essential for tackling the increased demands of productivity associated with business growth. Ignore it and you run the risk of collapsing under the weight of your own success.

At Orca Management Advisors, our business consultants are former chief operating officers, who  faced and successfully overcame, the operational challenges presented by ever-increasing growth. While some consultants use the same stale strategies for every client, we bring our unique approach to the consulting process, tailoring solutions distinctive to each client.

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We believe processes and people are inexorably connected.  People need processes and processes need people.  The two are interdependent. Neither can function without the other.

While other consulting firms concentrate on process, overlooking the importance of people, we take a collaborative approach, which acknowledges the unbroken link between process and people. 

We incorporate business consulting and business coaching into our approach. We believe this holistic approach provides the most effective solutions for improving workflow management.

In simple terms, a  business consultant works on your business, identifying organizational problems, presenting opinions, and providing and integrating solutions.  On the other hand, a business coach works with your people, helping them to be their best by tapping into there heretofore preexisting abilities.  Though different skill sets, we believe the successful transformation of inefficient workflow management requires the expertise of both, consultant and coach.

As employees are the front line of workflow process, we believe its transformation requires their involvement. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to consulting ignores the needs of management, employees, and the company. An approach that does not account for people and process is a half-measure, availing nothing. And dictating roles without employee input will undermine even the best effort to integrate new systems into a workflow stream. 

Prior to integrating new processes into a workflow stream, our experienced coaches facilitate workshops between management and employees, encouraging discourse and exchanges of ideas, creating a company-wide singleness of purpose, shared by a cohesive organization.  We believe this is the path of least resistance and ensures our clients the greatest solutions for transforming workflow management.